Assured highest quality and precision thanks to exclusive modern production processes, one example being: “Vacuum Technology”® for zero tolerance in production. This guarantees 100% the same and consistently produced rackets, delivering to you and your game perfect precision in racket specifications & racket quality.

PACIFIC‘s new ‚PGS – Precision Grip System‘ provides the most precise and technical way to insure exact grip specifications.
A 100% accurate handle delivers precise feedback for your best performance!

Full Acceleration Shaft Technology.
As the frame geometry transitions upwards from the shaft/throat, a reduction in the ‚rounder‘ cross-section adds the ‚cupping‘ of the ball on the string-bed required to hit with maximum and ‚heavy‘ spin.

Exclusively developed and patented “Speed-Zone-System”. Provides maximum ball speed with the highest level of ball control. Off-center hits are virtually a thing of the past.

PACIFIC Stability System providing more stability to the racket head upon impact. With precise positioned weights in the hitting zone, torsional stiffness is greatly improved. The result: maximum ball control with an enlarged sweet spot.

A unique, patented grip damping system strategically integrated into the shaft area that minimizes unwanted shock & vibration for a unique, comfortable ball feel – maximum protection for the arm is optimal.