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With the acquisition of the Fischer Tennis & Racket Division, a new union was created becoming one brand: PACIFIC. Introduced late in 2009, PACIFIC has expanded and evolved into a complete tennis product company.

The esteemed FISCHER TECHNOLOGY, long associated as a global leader in racket innovations, joins together with the equally renowned PACIFIC TECHNOLOGY. Now combined, they bring more then 70 years of cutting-edge & technical know-how in the design/development and manufacturing of racket sports equipment.

The addition of successful and proven FISCHER TECHNOLOGY is incorporated into the new PACIFIC Racket Line, assuring the continuation of quality and innovative design. A unique production process, aggressive investments into additional new research & development, German engineering and the heritage of established quality products are the foundation for continued future successes.


Beginning officially in 1972, they have become the worlds leading brand in the developing and manufacturing of racket sports products. Company owned production facilities from Germany (Hochdorf) to New Zealand (Manaia/Taranaki) are the key reasons that PACIFIC leads the way in producing the highest-quality strings for all racket sports. Being the official ATP partner in 2007 – 2012 for strings, grips and stringing service, PACIFIC continues its active presence at numerous ATP World Tour events assisting the professional players, as well as gaining feedback from the worlds best players to better assist us with continuing to be the leading company in the development of new product innovations.


PACIFIC support Staff attend nearly every ATP World Tour Event – from organizing official distribution of Products, to serving as an event’s ‘Official Stringing Service’.  The focus is always on professionally taking care of the numerous and often unique needs of the players.  Flexibility is key – a working day has no common hours – as we proudly perform the duties being one of the industry’s leading product manufacture’s.

Now with our vision and efforts to become a complete tennis and racket sports brand a reality, the next steps are to introduce this message worldwide. Aggressive major investments into new Projects, a continued focus on manufacturing only the highest-quality goods, detailed technical service dedicated support services to all levels of players, will quickly launch PACIFIC into the leading brand for racket sports.

The PACIFIC focus:  #1 in Performance