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PACIFIC is a worldwide leading Brand in racket sports accessories.
Officially established in 1972 with offices in Germany and New Zealand. PACIFIC has long been known as a premiere quality and diverse Brand – featuring complete product lines for: Tennis, Badminton, and Squash.

To perform your best,
a player must first start with proper preparation.  The esteemed heritage of PACIFIC Service know-how combined with top-quality Products, delivers the best in performance to any level of player.
PACIFIC – the complete Brand delivering performance perfection to everyone.

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The Engine of the rackets

To receive maximum performance from any racket, quality and correctly selected strings are the #1 most important decision every player makes. The driving force behind your game comes directly from the strings – they are the ‘engine’ required for success.
Like any engine, proper care & service are required. PACIFIC recommends that you restring your racket after every 30-hours of play, or at least 3-times per year. Talk with a specialist to learn more about how important proper racket maintenance is.

The next generation of basalt fibers

The next generation of basalt fibers.
While nature is constantly evolving and changing, the elements of the earth remain consistent and reliable resources. Basalt fibers have been used since the late 1940’s. While originally ‘crude’ in their applications, they were recognized as having amazing potential in enhancing products.

The established X Force Series

means performance at the highest level of competition. The Racket Series favored by touring professionals – available to everyone. The X Force Series features rackets focused at players with established techniques seeking greater ‘feel’ and accuracy. The technical variations between models offered in the X Force Series, makes it easy for any serious players to find their own personal racket.

Absolutely no shrinkage or deformation

Thanks to the most accurate & costly production process possible, PACIFIC takes the lead with creating PGS.

PGS Precise Grip System

PACIFIC has created the most unique and technically advanced Grip Handle System in the racket sports industry – simply called: PGS (Precise Grip System), specifically to be used only with PACIFIC rackets equipped with the PGS Logo. PGS allows a Trained & Authorized Racket Technician the ability to change the grip handle size from one PGS equipped racket handle size to another.

High Tech Injection Molding

Unlike all Competitors using low density & cost effective foam-molded handles, the PGS System insures that every Racket Handle is 80% stronger then foam, plus being exact in all actual size dimensions.

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